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Monster Ball: a free iPhone game made with Flash CS5 beta and AS3

A short while ago I joined the Flash CS5 beta program and started work on my first iPhone game, and just a short while later it is finished and Monster Ball is live on the AppStore ! It's a pretty simple game - you swing a ball and bop some monsters. Anyway, it's free, so please go download it . Here's some notes: The game took only a few days to develop, including submission to the AppStore. Joining the iPhone developer program and getting my head around the Apple submission process took as long as designing and building the game. I actually had to send Apple a fax at one point. ...but once you've signed up and learned all the steps you can get a second app out very easily. I developed and published the whole game on Windows, without any use a of Mac. This meant using OpenSSL to "sign" it, which is not the easiest thing in the world, but Adobe and other beta users provided lots of guidance. Hopefully they will have streamlined this process further by the ti

Creating Successful Flash Games (notes and slides)

Last night at The London Flash Developers and Designers Meetup Group I gave a talk called Creating Successful Flash Games . I think it was the most fun I've had doing a talk so far, and I've had some really lovely feedback: "Great evening at South Bank Uni listening to Iain talk flash games. Always nice when you can tell the speaker is passionate about gaming." "Great talk! It gets better and better. All I can say is thanks, I learned a lot from your experiences. Also, you explain things really well, you empathize with the situation you are trying to explain. " I love doing these speaking things so if you are organising a conference or user group I'd love to hear from you - hit me up at . Anyway, as promised last night here my slides/notes. You can download them as a pdf or simply read them below. It's not the same without my jumping about and "acting" as one person described it, and a lot of the content I just d

Speaking at London Flash Developers and Designers Meetup Group on Thursday

This Thursday, 18th February 2010, I will be giving a talk called " Creating Successful Flash Games " at The London Flash Developers and Designers Meetup Group. The group meets at the Southbank University in London, and caters to designers as well as developers, and all experience levels. I'm going to be mashing-up a load of content from last year's talks, and trying out some new material. If you make games and want to learn some new tricks, or you want to know where to start, then come along!