Please help me give away my source code!

I have loads of great ActionScript snippets that I want to share with the Flash community. Unfortunately I cannot get code to appear in any decent way on Blogger. If anyone can help me get the cool snippet window which everyone else seems to have on wordpress to work on my blogger account, that would be sweet, and I will shower you all with great code. (well not that great, I wrote it).

Post answers and links in the comments PLLLLEEEEEEEEEEASE.

Help me Flash RSS junkies, you're my only hope.

Here is a test of using

public static function formatTime(seconds:int):String
seconds %= 86400;
var hours:int = seconds / 3600;
var minutes:int = (seconds / 60) - (hours*60);
var secs:int = seconds - (hours*3600) - (minutes * 60);
var timeString:String = ((hours<10)? "0"+hours : hours)+":"+((minutes<10)? "0"+minutes : minutes)+":"+((secs<10)? "0"+secs : secs);
return timeString;


STik said…
Use this.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for making the effort to share your code. I hope you get this sorted. I'm looking forwards to seeing what you post.
Anonymous said…
post on :)
George Profenza said…
I guess there is also, but I haven't tried it on blogspot.

Keeping an eye out for your snippets ;)