Suggestions for RSS feed of Flash game developer blogs, and a look a Yahoo! pipes

Since the excellent site FlashGameBlogs, which aggregated many developer blogs, has mysteriously stopped working, I am trying to fill the gap with a new rss feed. I'm using pipes and feedburner. Pipes is one of the most unusual pieces of software I've ever used - a visual programming environment for creating mash-ups - all running within the browser with just javascript.

Anyway, this is the call for requests. Please have a look at the feed and tell me: have I missed anyone? I'm looking for feeds of bloggers who write mostly or entirely about Flash and other web games (e.g. Unity3d) - be that coding, art, business, whatever. Comments please!


Lawrie said…
Hey Iain, take a look at my blog -
Is that the sort of thing you're looking for?
Iain said…
@Lawrie - you're on!
axcho said…
Thanks, I'll keep an eye on that feed. I often focus on Flash on my blog, but it's also a general game design blog. You can see if it's something you'd be interested:
Homem RobĂ´ said…
you can use SimplePie also, very good way to joint several feeds, stable

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