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Suggestions for RSS feed of Flash game developer blogs, and a look a Yahoo! pipes

Since the excellent site FlashGameBlogs , which aggregated many developer blogs, has mysteriously stopped working, I am trying to fill the gap with a new rss feed. I'm using pipes and feedburner . Pipes is one of the most unusual pieces of software I've ever used - a visual programming environment for creating mash-ups - all running within the browser with just javascript. Here is the feed . Anyway, this is the call for requests. Please have a look at the feed and tell me: have I missed anyone? I'm looking for feeds of bloggers who write mostly or entirely about Flash and other web games (e.g. Unity3d) - be that coding, art, business, whatever. Comments please!

Open-source ActionScript libraries for creating Flash games

For some reason the incredible power of Open Source is on my mind today. In light of that, here are some open source(ish*) ActionScript libraries I've come across that can help you make games. I haven't tried them all, but maybe you will? *check the licenses before using. To get code from google code you may have to use a subversion client. On PC use the free TortoiseSVN . Glaze - super-fast, easy to use rigid body physics engine based on Chipmunk. Prettier syntax than box2D. Demo . Box2D - uglier (sorry) syntax than Glaze, but has more features (e.g. types of joint), and is better documented. PushButtonEngine - framework to build games on - doesn't do too much out of the box, but is an admirable attempt to standardise Flash game code structure. Demo . Collision Detection Kit - Pixel perfect collisions in Flash! Game Poetry ( blog ) and CheezeWorld ( blog )- these excellent blogs post the source for many of their examples and tutorials on google code. PixelBlitz - e

Better rollovers in PaperVision3D

I found a little perculiarity in the latest release of PaperVision3D today, and came up with a fix, so I thought I'd post it. The way it currently works, rollovers and rollouts may not be detected if you have a moving camera (which I normally do - hey it looks cooler!). To fix, all you need to do is open org.papervision3d.core.utils.InteractiveSceneManager and delete or comment out line 236 if ( hasMouseMoved() ) in the handleMouseOver function and line 247 if( !hasMouseMoved() ) return; in the handleMouseOut function. Now you will get nice responsive mouse events even if you have a nice drifty camera. I have tipped off Seb from the PV3D via twitter so I think those clever people are going to look into it. By the way, if you haven't tried combining PaperVision3D with TweenMax , I highly recomend you do! I've had some freakin' incredible results that I wish I could post (but I can't).