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Code you can believe in! Vote Iain on!

Here's my entry - Trigonometry Wars (requires Flash Player 10). Thanks to everyone who has voted for me so far, I'm about 5th out of 12 at the moment, which is cool by me. Here's the source code . Here are my thoughts on the process and the contest: Keith is dead right that we need to put the Flash back into Flash. Flash is the perfect technology for this contest. I can't imagine many other languages where you could do something like this. JavaScript? Processing? Lingo? (if you know any more, post in the comments). Having a constraint was a great spur to creativity, but I think I spent more time squeezing the code than making something cool. Lines aren't a good metric for measuring amount of code written. There are too many little tricks for squeezing things onto one line. A 3k of ActionScript challenge, for example, would have been more fair. Limiting how much code you write encourages bad coding, so reading the posted source code isn't the best way to lea

5 tips for Flash developers in 2009

I've got lots of unused holiday to take this December, so I'm starting the end-of-the-year posts early. I have consulted my magic crystal ball, and here are my tips for Flashers in 2009 Get out of the Flash ghetto. While I predict that Flash will own the plug-in space until at least 2011, it still seems like an exciting time to learn something new. One place to start might be learning C# - which you can use with Flash competitor Silverlight , XBOX360 game development framework XNA and the amazing Unity3D plug-in (which also lets you target Wii and iPhone). The spirits tell me that Java will also be having a renaissance, with the emergence of Flash rival JavaFX finally bringing native sound, video and vector graphics to the Java plug-in, along with a new scripting language JavaFX Script - which is spookily similar to ActionScript . If you really want to try something different (and you own a Mac) you could check out iPhone development and its scarily alien language Objecti