Code you can believe in! Vote Iain on!

Here's my entry - Trigonometry Wars (requires Flash Player 10). Thanks to everyone who has voted for me so far, I'm about 5th out of 12 at the moment, which is cool by me. Here's the source code.

Here are my thoughts on the process and the contest:
  • Keith is dead right that we need to put the Flash back into Flash.
  • Flash is the perfect technology for this contest. I can't imagine many other languages where you could do something like this. JavaScript? Processing? Lingo? (if you know any more, post in the comments).
  • Having a constraint was a great spur to creativity, but I think I spent more time squeezing the code than making something cool.
  • Lines aren't a good metric for measuring amount of code written. There are too many little tricks for squeezing things onto one line. A 3k of ActionScript challenge, for example, would have been more fair.
  • Limiting how much code you write encourages bad coding, so reading the posted source code isn't the best way to learn the techniques each demo uses. I'm tempted to rewrite my demo in an OOP style and post the source code, to show how it should be done.
Well done to Keith for organising a really fun little contest, and thanks to everyone who took the time to enter - the finalists are all pretty awesome and I bet they'll also be some gems in the other 70ish entries when they get posted.


wonderwhy-er said…
Hey Iain. Was looking trough google for 25lines participants and come to your blog. Will be reading it now trough Google Reader.
And congrats with getting to final of 25lines :)
Ickydime said…
Congrats on being a finalist man, thats awesome!

Definitely one of my favorites, altho at this point its really hard to distinguish between the 12... they are all so good.

I understand your point about the lines not promoting the best practices... but I think that is the point of the exercise. It makes us take a break from worrying about OOP and design patterns and all the seriousness that Flash has taken on and gets back to the good ole days of just trying to figure out how to bend and break Flash into doing something cool.