Celebrating 20 Episodes of The Creative Coding Podcast

Last January, me and Seb Lee-Delisle had an idea to record our Skype chats, and launched The Creative Coding Podcast. Here we are just over a year later, and we've got 20 episodes! We've had an amazing year, been nominated for a .net magazine award for best podcast, had 18 world-class guests and been downloaded almost 200,000 times! Please enjoy the latest episode or have a browse through the archives for something that takes your fancy.

Episode 1 – Web games, HTML5 and Jangaroo
Episode 2 – Mobile Devices Special
Episode 3 – Molehill and Processing with Jer Thorp
Episode 4 – Flash Special (plus WebGL and Unity3D)
Episode 5 – Game Design and Conference Etiquette with Ryan Henson Creighton
Episode 6 – openFrameworks, Adobe CS5.5 and multi-touch gaming
Episode 7 – openFrameworks and Open Source with Pete Hellicar and Joel Gethin Lewis
Episode 8 – Rome, Chrome and Angry Birds
Episode 9 – Processing and Cinder with Robert Hodgin (Flight404)
Episode 10 – Teaching Game Development, Stencyl and New York
Episode 11 – Eyeo Festival with Golan Levin and Ben Fry
Episode 12 – Art from code with Casey Reas and Marius Watz
Episode 13 – JavaScript, Corona and Seb’s jumbotron
Episode 14 – Live from Flash on the Beach! With Lee Brimelow, John Davey and Keith Peters
Episode 15 – Unity3D with Aras Pranckevičius
Episode 16 – Flashageddon with Stacey Mulcahy
Episode 17 – coding a platform game, haXe NME and Big Spaceship’s Joshua Hirsh
Episode 18 – How to teach programming, with Daniel Shiffman
Episode 19 – Trolling, jQuery and Open Frameworks with Joshua Noble
Episode 20 – CSS Special with Val Head