Learn Flash Games Development in Cornwall

A few months ago I had the crazy idea that it might be fun to teach an evening course about Flash games, here in Cornwall. Thanks to the awesome people at Truro college, it's happening - and it's starting just 2 weeks from now, on Tuesday the 20th of September 2011. The really great part is that thanks to the magic of government subsidies, the whole 10 week course is just £75 . What, £75 for the whole thing? That's AMAZING VALUE!!! So if you live in Cornwall (or Devon) and want to learn some ActionScript3 programming to make your own computer games - go sign-up.


Saul said…
If I was back in the South West right now I'd be all over this! Good luck and have fun!
theUncommon said…
Hmmm, I'm heading back to Plymouth in September to finish my Digital Arts and Technology Degree, I'm living down in cornwall and I'm very tempted to come along.

Just wondering what skill level we're looking at. I'm currently at this level: http://theuncommon.co.uk/category/projects/math-shooter/
frozen said…
Hmm Cool Flash Progger is nice /Flash games is so cool for 2d & 3d design flash game engine rocks Adobe air
qazwiz said…
have you thought about packaging a DVD or slideshow?
Iain said…
I've had a few ideas about what I could do to get this stuff out to a wider audience. It's really hard to gauge what the interest is in Flash games at the moment.
Zuhair said…
Hey, really interested in this! Did you think any more on a public release?

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