Video of my talk "10 years, 30 lessons"

I gave this talk at #Digpen, which is a free, informal conference for digital people in the South West, run by Frankie Dolan. This was a brand new talk I wrote on the evening before the conference! I was supposed to do about 5 minutes apparently, but nobody seemed to have told me that, so I did about 15. You'll have to turn your speakers up a bit because I wasn't mic'd up. This was a really fun one to do!


Don Marges said…
Hey Ian!

Great talk! I enjoyed it a lot. You make a lot of great points, and you talk about a lot of things that I had to go through the hard way.

I heard about you from the Indie Game Radio show you did with Edmund McMillen, Dan Cook and Ryan Creighton.

Great stuff, and I'll keep checking back for more of your work!
Iain said…
aww thanks!
Anonymous said…
subtitles would be nice
(spanish is my primal language)