Yet more game development tips!

Are you sick of game development tips yet? Between the endless array of indie game blogs and the myriad of developers shooting their mouths off on Flash Mind Meld, you probably are by now. But in case you're not, I wrote some tips for Microsoft's Ubelly blog. You may read them. They also have a contest to make an HTML(5) game or creative app with some cash prizes etc. Please note -you may not use any plugins for the contest, not even VRML.


Tahir Ahmed said…
Hey Iain. Would be great if you could write something about code organisation and approaches for flash games as you touched this topic a little the last time around. May be actual code of any mini game you may have done (or may be create one just for the article) would just be fantastic. I find it really hard and confusing every time I start any project about the approach I should be taking.

Plus if I am allowed to add, a little bit about blitting as well. :)

Zane said…
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