Game performance benchmark BunnyMark ported to HTML5!

BunnyMark is the benchmark that's taking the world by storm! Just to prove that javascript is easy and a wittle baby language I have ported BunnyMark to HTML5. Results confirm that HTML5 really is one better than HTML4. Lightning fast with 3000 bunnies in Chrome, Firefox4, horrible in Firefox 3, non existant in IE678. Click here to view, source is on "view source". Other browser users (IE9, Safari, Opera) please report performance in the comments.

Don't miss the Windows Phone 7 and Flash versions, and BunnyLandMark for Flash, which I haven't got round to porting yet.


Byron said…
The bunnies.... they're everywhere! ;)
I'm getting about 7 FPS on Mac Safari 5.0.2 and 100% CPU
Owen said…
OSX 10.6.5 Macbook 2.1 GHz Intel Core Duo 2

Chrome: 6fps (4-8). Safari: 9fps (8-13)
Philippe said…
It's missing html5 doctype for IE9.
Then it runs smooth (around 30fps) with 1500 bunnies.
Owen said…
Oh, and 2fps (2-6) in Firefox. HTML5 on Mac ftw!
Love them bunnies! Here is what I faced on Mac OSX Leopard:

7-8 FPS, CPU ~95%

FF 3.6
3-4 FPS, CPU ~105%

6-16 FPS, CPU ~98%

6-10 FPS, CPU ~90%
Anonymous said…
It's not good on a mac, I'm getting:

8-9fps in Chrome

11-12fps in Safari

...on a new Mac Mini
wonderwhy-er said…

FF 3.6.13

Chrome 8.0.552.224
40 FPS

Very impressive in Chrome.
Seb Lee-Delisle said…
A couple of things to try : round the pixels for drawImage and rounding with the hack

I'd also be interested to see how the individual canvas pixels method holds up (I've heard it's the fastest way to draw) but you'd need to make your own blit method.

Great job!

Anonymous said…
Mac OS X 10.6.6

Opera 11.01:
5-6 FPS

Chrome 8.0.552.231:
8-9 FPS

Safari 5.0.3:
6-7 FPS
I'm on Windows 7 running IE9 beta and I get 45 FPS, CPU ~ 35%

I love the bouncing bunnies!
Fabiano PS said…
Just because there has been exactly 1 YEAR since last comment, I'm getting on Ubuntu 11 (no hardware acceleration) Intel core i5

12 fps on FF 9.0.1 (lags my system)

28 fps on Chromium 15.0 (100% 1 core)

30 fps on Chrome 16.0 (50% & 20% 2 cores)
Matt A said…
Ok sure, but wittle baby? Dude, what is a wittle baby? Is that some sort of southern slang? Georgia, or Alabama I'm guessing.....