Games meetup in Plymouth: 1st of November 2010

Ok this is a pretty niche post, so as soon as you answer no to any of these criteria, you can happily stop reading! If you live in Devon or Cornwall, and are into game design, development, art, music, interactivity or any other related field you can now hang out with kindred spirits, have a beer and get excited about making games. There is a new monthly meetup in Plymouth starting 1st of November 2010. The guys from the awesome Mutant Labs and Remode studios will be there, so will Korash who organises the Extended Play games festival, along with a bunch of students and of course me! You can sign up to it on Facebook - or if you hate facebook that much, just email me and I'll send you the details when they are finalised. If you live in Cornwall I will be driving up so I can even give 4 people a lift. You now have no excuse not to go!