No Sleep Till Brighton

Ok, so. It's the week before Flash on the Beach 2010, which is my first full speaking engagement at a major conference, and I have a nice mix of excitement and dread. My talk, "Zero to Game Designer in 60 Minutes" is all written, and I've got 8 specially created interactive examples demonstrating different gameplay mechanics. Each demo has an avatar you can control, and a load of sliders and switches you can use to change variables and turn on and off different mechanics.

If you're coming along, and you bring your laptop, you can actually play along with the demos while I show them, which should make the session even more fun. And if you're not going, or you don't have a laptop, don't worry, because I'm going to put all the demos online from the minute my talk finishes.

See you in Brighton, or watch this space for the online release.


George Profenza said…
Sounds great! Looking forward to your see session ! Does this mean we can play with some code there ?
Iain said…
No, all the demos expose their variables through visual sliders, so there's no need to go into the code.
Tom Chiverton said…
So... Flash 9 or Flash 10 required ? Would they work OK on a smaller screen ? I'm trying to avoid lugging my laptop around the conference if I can get away with my phone :-)
Claire said…
Please do the online release! I was due to be coming to FOTB but have been stuck in London thanks to hideous work load...

Was v much looking forward to your presentation. :)

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