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Unity Game Development Essentials - Book Review

The publishers of Unity Game Development Essentials , Packt, were kind enough to send me a review copy of the book at the end of last year, but I have been so stupidly busy I didn't have much time to read the book let alone post my review. I had originally planned to only read the book while sat in front of Unity so that I could work along with the tutorials, but again time got me so I ended up just reading it on the train. As it turned out this didn't actually cause any problems, and I managed to turn an unproductive commute into some very productive learning time. The book is basically one long tutorial that shows you how to make a tropical island, set up a first-person camera to walk around it, and create some interaction with the environment, such as collecting objects, opening doors and (don't ask me why) throwing coconuts. Between this book,'s tropical paradise demo and Offroad Velociraptor Safari, you will be forgiven for thinking Unity can only mak