The Essential Guide To Flash Games... infomercial?!

Just wow. For a couple of months I spent many of my evenings writing the "technical review" for "The Essential Guide to Flash Games" a new book about programming games with AS3, by Jeff Fulton and Steve Fulton, aka 8bitrocket. Which basically means Jeff and Steve wrote it, and I marked their homework. I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive from the publisher, but now I really can't wait, because there's a full-on infomercial?!? This is freakin' awesome...

I learned some neat new tricks from Jeff and Steve, and I also added some of my own suggestions, so you've got at least 3 brains worth of knowledge right there. More about the book at 8bitrocket:


byron said…
Ah cool, didn't realize you were involved with this one. I've learned a lot of good stuff off the 8bitrocket site, figured I'd be checking the book out too.
Jeff Fulton said…
Iain, we sure learned a lot from you! Thanks for the help and I'll ask about your copy right away!

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