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Gamepad ported to Processing / JAVA

Gamepad , my opensource keyboard input utility, has received a great reaction so far, with many retweets, over 1000 views, and some great partnerships with other libraries in the pipeline. And now it's not just for Flash, because Michael Heuer has ported the whole project to JAVA for use with processing. So, if that's how you get down, go check out Gamepad for Processing on Github . Big thanks to Michael for taking the time to create this.

Geometry Wars in 25 lines of ActionScript source code

I recently noticed that Keith Peters' 25 lines competition and all the entries have been purged from the internet, so in case you missed it first time, here's my port of a Geometry Wars style game, with source code below. Click to view . Here's the source, under free for commercial or non-commercial use MIT license. It gets cut off quite badly by blogger, so you're better off just clicking here to download. To run, just paste it into the timeline of CS4/CS5. I know that's a bad way to do things, but it was the rules of the original competition. If someone wants to make the necessary tweaks to compile it under the Flex compiler, I'd be very happy to post their code. Enjoy! /** * 25-Line ActionScript Contest Entry * * Project: Trigonometry Wars * Author: Iain Lobb - * Date: 27 NOVEMBER 08 * * Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy * of this software and associated documentation files (the &quo

The Essential Guide To Flash Games... infomercial?!

Just wow. For a couple of months I spent many of my evenings writing the "technical review" for "The Essential Guide to Flash Games" a new book about programming games with AS3, by Jeff Fulton and Steve Fulton, aka 8bitrocket. Which basically means Jeff and Steve wrote it, and I marked their homework. I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive from the publisher, but now I really can't wait, because there's a full-on infomercial?!? This is freakin' awesome... I learned some neat new tricks from Jeff and Steve, and I also added some of my own suggestions, so you've got at least 3 brains worth of knowledge right there. More about the book at 8bitrocket:

Help! How do I generate classes for a new project?

Ok readers, I gave you my indispensable Gamepad class, now I need something back: Whenever I start a new game, I make a whole bunch of classes that extend my base classes, so: com.blah.Game extends com.iainlobb.Game and has some setup code com.blah.Player extends com.iainlobb.Player, and has some setup code etc Now all I need is a way to generate these classes at the start of the project so I don't have to create each one manually. It will save me at least an hour of faffing around per game. So how do I do it? I normally use FlashDevelop but I also have FlexBuilder 3, or I'm happy to download whatever other software I need (PC). Thanks. I'm looking forward to your thoughts - check back to this post for the solution soon (hopefully!) I've also posted this on Stack Overflow. Update1: In FlashDevelop there is an option called "templates" that lets you generate classes. Explained here: "First, in