Start Repeating Yourself

On the latest Game Developers Radio is a great nugget of advice from Manuel Saint-Victor of, which is basically that you need to tweet / blog something 3 times before all the potential audience will actually see it. At first this seems like it might be annoying, but I decided to try it out, by repeatedly posting the youtube video of my Flash on the Beach Elevator Pitch from last year. The results were good. The first tweet took it from just 15 views to 29, then the next from 29 to 49. At this point some other people retweeted it, taking it up to 69, and it's still going up. That's 54 new viewers, when I had assumed that everyone who follows my output had already seen it, as I had already posted the Vimeo version here on my blog. (Update: a few hours later and it is up to 150 views). The crazy thing is that, even more people will watch it now after reading this post. And so far nobody has complained that I'm repeating myself annoyingly. One thing that you can't say enough though, is if you want people to respect you, *don't sell anything* - just educate and entertain. In my experience the rest will sort itself out.


Prince_Porter said…
I definitely agree with this. I have a lot of Twitter followers, and facebook fans, but I find that I don't get nearly enough return from those sources unless I retweet/repost multiple times at different times of the day.
Joseph Burchett said…
Yup, yup, must say that I learned a lot from that talk myself :-) It's only annoying if you re-tweet the same thing like with in ten minutes or so. People won't know or really care if you do it every few hours, good stuff.

Thanks for the podcast plug ;-)