62% of developers are using FlashDevelop? That can't be right!

That provocative title is just to draw your attention to the voting box over there in the right hand column where you can vote for your favourite ActionScript editor. As I write this, it says 62% of you are using my favourite piece of software, FlashDevelop. I don't really believe this, considering the response I got when I stated my preference for FlashDevelop over Eclipse. So vote please! The future of Flash depends upon it.

(It doesn't).

The poll is over there >>>


Raphael Santos said…
FlashDevelop for the win!
Matt Przybylski said…
I think alot of this has to do with the fact that FD is free and FDT is not. I'm an FDT user and i have to admit it was a major hurdle to overcome the hefty price tag, but it is worth it as it is the supreme editor. If I was on a major budget, however, I'd choose FD (but then again, i also use a mac and dont like to run vmware fusion for too long so FD is not an option for me).

To be honest though, if FD ran on a mac, i'd probably go with that over spending $600 (at the time) for my FDT license. that being said though, the speed and time i've saved by using FDT has definitely already paid itself off many times.

then there's also the steep learning curve, but luckily i was able to learn from someone who was very familiar with FDT.
Yogesh said…
I am using Flash Develop for some time now in my opinion it’s better than Eclipse [with Flex plugin] because of these simple reasons -
- Flash Develop doesn’t have any learning curve [or very less learning curve in comparison to Eclipse ] you can download it and start the development
- Its open source and free
- The Flash Develop community is very responsive to the queries and topics which are posted for support in the forums
- The releases are more frequent with new features and fixes