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Please help me give away my source code!

I have loads of great ActionScript snippets that I want to share with the Flash community. Unfortunately I cannot get code to appear in any decent way on Blogger. If anyone can help me get the cool snippet window which everyone else seems to have on wordpress to work on my blogger account, that would be sweet, and I will shower you all with great code. (well not that great, I wrote it). Post answers and links in the comments PLLLLEEEEEEEEEEASE . Help me Flash RSS junkies, you're my only hope. UPDATE: Here is a test of using public static function formatTime(seconds:int):String { seconds %= 86400; var hours:int = seconds / 3600; var minutes:int = (seconds / 60) - (hours*60); var secs:int = seconds - (hours*3600) - (minutes * 60); var timeString:String = ((hours<10)? "0"+hours : hours)+":"+((minutes<10)? "0"+minutes : minutes)+":"+((secs<10)? "0"+secs : secs);

10 reasons I prefer FlashDevelop to Eclipse and FDT

I know this is well- trodden ground (e.g. FDT Vs. FlashDevelop on flashmech ), but I've finally spent some time with Eclipse and FDT , and to be honest I can't really see what the fuss is about. Of course Mac users don't really have the option of using FlashDevelop (except under emulation), but for PC users, I just don't see the advantage of Eclipse. Obviously the PowerFlasher guys have done a great job on their part, but Eclipse is just too unintuitive for me. So here's 10 reasons I prefer FlashDevelop to Eclipse: FlashDevelop is free. FDT is quite expensive. FlashDevelop starts auto-completing as soon as you start typing. In FDT you have to type "this." to get the auto-completion menu. UPDATE: Sorry, you can also press CTRL-SPACE, but it's still an extra step. FlashDevelop automatically adds import statements. Eclipse doesn't, as far as I can see. UPDATE: I think it should have done but was badly configured on the Mac I was using. Fl

Flash development - are you doing it wrong?

Inspired by years of working with Flash and with other Flash developers (ninjas and newbies), here is my checklist of how to do things " the right way " in Flash and ActionScript (don't really know about Flex - you crazy guys do whatever you like!). I really want your comments on this one. Am I way off the mark? Do I go too far, or not far enough? Leave a comment please! Here they are: Don't use code for layout . If you are setting the position of all your visual elements with code, rather than using the Flash IDE , you are doing it wrong. Designers like to "nudge", "align" and "tweak" layouts, and if you have to change a number in your code and republish the swf for every nudge, then you're probably in for a long night. If you have a data-driven site (e.g. with a variable number of menu items), you may have to do some dynamic positioning, but keep it to a minimum. Don't write code on the timeline. Why? Because you can't se