Podcasts for designers and developers

A good way to learn something while you would otherwise be bored commuting or doing the dishes is to listen to podcasts by other designers and developers. There aren't a huge number devoted entirely to Flash, but you can also learn a lot by listening to how people do things in other technologies, so here are some good podcasts grouped by theme. All these podcasts are free; the best way to listen to them is to subscribe in iTunes. You can find most of these podcasts on the iTunes music store, or failing that in iTunes go to "Advanced / Subscribe to Podcast" and paste in the feed URL.
  1. Specifically focussed on the Flash Platform, there is only really The Flex Show and (I'm guessing for a limited time) also Summer of Flash. We have a great blogging community, so there should really be more. For Rich Internet Applications in general, there is also RIA weekly.
  2. The .NET world is frankly spoiled for decent podcasts, with Elegant Code, Hanselminutes, Herding Code, .NET Rocks!, Spaghetti Code and The Thirsty Developer. I normally skip the epsiodes devoted to the minutiae of .NET and listen to the more general chats about programming techniques, best practices etc.
  3. For Java, I've only really come across Java Posse, but it is excellent, and covers a broad range of topics, not just Java.
  4. Boagworld is really the one and only listenable podcast I've found about web design - like Flash this is a topic that I thought would generate more content.
  5. About programming in the general, there is the excellent Stackoverflow podcast with Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, two very smart and funny developers.
Well, that's all the ones on my battered old iPod - I recommend checking a few of them out. Any suggestions for me? Stick them in the comments...


Jeff Weber said…
Here is one I listen too. Some good archives to dig through.

derek knox said…
Thanks for all the links, I've searched on iTunes every once in a while but never really got anything that sticks.

Something similar (probably considered vidcasts) is Drunk on Software, something I've found really interesting.