Meta4orce nominated for a BAFTA!

When I launched this blog back in August with a post about BLOC's animation / gaming crossover Meta4orce, I had no idea how positive the response would be. Thanks to [draw.logic], PaperVision3D Blog, Flash Bookmarks and Richard Legget my post picked up thousands of views and loads of great comments, including a "congratulations" from PaperVision teamer Ralph Hauwert. I've also had the honour of fielding game-design questions about the project over at Adventures in Primetime and the awesome Brainy Gamer blog.

British Academy of Film and Television Arts

Anyway, I've just found out that Meta4orce is nominated for a children's BAFTA! I'm dead chuffed; this is great news for a project that looked for a while like it would sink without a trace. With competition like Little Loud/Channel 4's Bow Street Runner, and Amanita Design's awesome BBC educational game Questionaut, we have no chance of winning, but just to be nominated is a great feeling. UPDATE - Bow Street Runner won it - well done!

no joy

By the way, don't forget to support my NO JOY? campaign to get joystick support into Flash!


Anonymous said…
Hi Iain - well done on the nomination and thanks again for taking part in the Q&A on the blog over at few months back - it's been a very popular post since then!
Anonymous said…
Oops sorry I missed you out Jon - you were our earliest supporter! (I've updated the post with a link to the interview)
yezzer said…
Hey Iain,

Congratulations! When I saw we were up against you I must admit I was rather nervous :)

Your Meta4orce games are great.
Anonymous said…

It's great, a testament to the team's hard work and incredible skills! Well deserved for the nomination

Keep up the great work.

Your old colleague, now in the 'dam. Dan.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Dan, good to hear from you. How's life in Tulip country?