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Indie Flash Games 101

My buddy Adam, who has just started teaching interactive media at university in Denmark, emailed me some questions about how to get his students started with publishing their own indie Flash games. These days I can't write anything without making it into a blog post, so here's my getting started guide: What technical issues should students be aware of? - You need both a copy of Flash Professional (CS3, 4, or 5) AND a code editor . If you are on Windows download FlashDevelop - it's free . Otherwise try FDT, InteliJ IDEa or FlashBuilder, which all have free/cheap options for students/beginners. - Use ActionScript3, Flash player 9 or 10. -If you are confident with programming and want to make more advanced games in a short space of time, consider using Flixel or Box2D . - Filesize should be less than 8MB - Dimensions should be width: 400-720 pixels, height: 300-600 pixels. - Game should be a single self-contained swf file. What are the top sites to submit a game to, a