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A 3 minute lesson in game design (my talk from Flash on the Beach 09)

Update: You can now watch the video here . I'm back from Flash on the Beach in Brighton. There are loads of great write-ups of the conference coming out, so you don't need another from me, but here are my slides and notes from my 3 minute "elevator pitch". While I'm writing I will just say it was great to meet all my fellow pitchers, and I think we gave a rockin ' session - in the main theatre no less, so probably about 600(?) people saw it. Here's my slides (click on slide to advance): Here's what I said: I'm Iain, I make Flash games. Here are my tips for making Flash games, but hopefully you can apply them to whatever it is you do. Make it fun. When you're making games it's easy to get side-tracked by your awesome code framework or particle effect or whatever, but if you don't make a fun experience for players, what's the point? Make it obvious. If you need to have an instructions screen on your game, you've alread

I'm doing 2 talks in Brighton

Thanks to the tireless work of Seb Lee Delisle , Jo Summers and John Davey , Brighton is totally Flash seminar central these days, and I'm giving two talks very soon in Brighton: Tuesday September 8 th 2009 - The Flash Game School of Wizardry , a mammoth 2 hour live-coding session, where I will be going through my personal philosophy and methodology for creating games. Free! Sign-up at FlashBrighton user group. Tuesday September 22 nd 2009 - Wizard Needs Food Badly: A 3-minute lesson in game design , a lightning fast top 10 countdown of game design tips. Get tickets from Flash on the Beach. Looking forward to both of these. If you'd like a Wizard/Flash related talk at your user-group or conference, drop me an email: See you there!