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Cool free and open source software for creating Flash games

You can do so much these days using only free and Open Source tools (although I couldn't surive without the Flash IDE). I've been collecting a list of the best ones - apologies to Mac users, some of these are Windows only. FlashDevelop . Up there with FDT and FlexBuilder as one of the best ways to write ActionScript . I use it together with the Flash IDE (using the IDE for layout, animation and compiling), but it also works with the official free Flex SDK and with unofficial free alternatives MTASC , swfmill and haXe , so you can create Flash games without spending any money at all . If you've ever used Microsoft's excellent Visual Studio, this is the closest thing for Flash developers. FlashDevelop knows the contents of all your classes and provides amazing code completion that seems to know what you want to do before you know yourself. This also gives another good reason to use static typing if you're not already. Paint.NET . Lots of people know that Gimp is