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NO JOY? My campaign for joystick and gamepad support in Flash starts here!

Joypads, gamepads, joysticks, game controllers... call them what you will, Flash doesn't support them . Why should you care? Well, you only have to look around at Kongregate , MiniClip or TheGamesList to realise that Flash is a proper gaming platform now - you could even say FLASH IS THE NEW CONSOLE! (don't actually say that). As I'm sure you already know, Flash has some great features for games development : great 2D graphics and animation, sound, video and a decent programming language with AS3. When it comes to input devices though, it's less than ideal. While the keyboard support is great for games, the mouse support is not perfect - it doesn't let you "wrap" the cursor, so true FPS movement is impossible, and right-click can only be used for the Flash context menu. You also have the seldom-used option of supporting microphone and webcam (but more on that in another post). Anyway, any of these methods is obviously going to be second best to