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Meta4orce: creating 3D Flash games with PaperVision3D

NOTE: I am now a freelance developer, and no longer an employee of Bloc. Over at Bloc we recently launched Meta4orce, a unique interactive sci-fi TV show which was broadcast on BBC2 and is also available globally via the website . With a story created by legendary comic-book writer Peter Milligan , it's a project I'm very proud to have worked on. When viewed online, the show integrates broadcast quality animation with high quality interactive games. (Please note, it's very much a broadband only site as it features a lot of video, and the games do require a decent PC or Intel Mac to run smoothly). UPDATE: If you want to know even more about the project, I've been answering game design questions over at the excellent Brainy Gamer blog. We wanted the site to invoke the gritty, futuristic feeling of the show, and also offer a gaming experience that resonated with console gamers. To this end we made extensive use of PaperVision3D , specifically version 2.0, dubbed